Check out TTRPGkids at Gary Con Ethereal (virtual)!

TTRPGkids is sponsoring a designated kid-friendly discord channel for Gary Con Ethereal (virtual)! This means that it’s a comfortable spot for kids to play tabletop RPGs during the virtual convention.  They’re also setting up panels featuring creators from the indie TTRPG community and a workshop about making tabletop RPGs for kids!

To sign up for games and panels:

  1. Create an account on TableTop Events here
  2. Buy a Gary Con Ethereal badge at the bottom of the screen here
    • The base Ethereal badge is $5 and grants you access to EVERYTHING in Ethereal
  3. Sign up to attend events here
    • To find the TTRPGkids event, type “TTRPGkids” in the search box
    • Make sure to click “GET” to reserve your spot

And check out the TTRPGkids Gary Con Ethereal landing page for more details on the TTRPGkids specific panels, games, panelists, and resources!

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