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Jason Campbell, Owner & Lead Developer (he/him) is a graphic artist, TTRPG creator and forever GM. He began playing TTRPGs in the 80s and has run games in many different game systems online, in stores and at conventions.

Author of articles about RPGs at Kobold Press
Guest at Cypher Unlimited’s weekly show
Guest on Chef Byers’ Stream
Guest on QEDtalks

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GamerMomLuna smiles at the camera. She is wearing a gray shirt and purple glasses. She is resting her head on her hand.

GamerMomLuna, Writer & Community Manager (she/her) is a TTRPG enthusiast, having more than 15 years experience as a player. She has been a TTRPG streamer since 2019, at one point appearing in four weekly streamed and podcasted campaigns simultaneously, and has been producing TTRPG streams since 2020. She was a nominee for the 2022 GameHer’s awards for Charity Streamer of the Year and Twitch Streamer of the Year.

Luna also was selected to host a panel at PAX East 2023 with her Tales from the Tavern stream format.

When not playing a TTRPG or writing or talking about TTRPGs, she enjoys video gaming, knitting, photography, taking walks, and spending time with her boyfriend, daughter, and her two cats. She can be found on that site formerly known as Twitter @gamermomluna, Threads at gamermomluna@gmail.com. Find her on all social media at linktr.ee/gamermomluna.

Tales from the Tavern
The Premium Cookie Tin (DnD or Pathfinder)
Podchaser profile
Handknit Custom Color Dice Bag

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