By Jason Campbell

“Put me in coach, I’m ready to play – today.”

John Fogerty

Today is opening day 2023 for major league baseball. Many readers may not be sports fans, or perhaps don’t follow baseball, but I entreat you to stay with me for this one. 

“I don’t like sports”

lots of people

Right, but read on and maybe we can find a common lesson for most of us.

Baseball has been around for more than 150 years and at one time was called the great American sport. It still has its place in American culture but it’s importance for many people has waned. So why should we care about this aged pastime?

“Baseball is too slow, it’s boring, I like [insert name of other sports here]”

lots of people

Baseball is a team sport, yet only one player has control over the ball at any one time, and the other teammates may seem to be waiting for their turn. Unlike football or basketball it can seem more individualistic at any given moment.

“Right You’re making my point here!”

lots of people

You’re at bat. There’s two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning and you’re down a run. Maybe the pitcher is reputably a better player than you. Maybe you’re in a slump as a hitter. But – the game isn’t over yet. This is the beauty of the game. There’s two strikes on you. But you’ve still got a pitch coming. A chance. There is the beauty of baseball. The odds are stacked high against you, but until that pitch crosses the plate, you have a chance. You have hope. You could swing and hit a game winning homerun.

We can all look at this situation and see the beauty in it, the beauty in the game. This coming chance, the hope that still lives is there in baseball as it is in any creative activity. We can all take this hope with us and remember it in every opportunity for whatever we do in life. Take that with you today.

You could still hit that homerun on your final swing.

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