When you’re getting ready to launch your first stream or podcast, get into the online TTRPG community before you launch. Twitter has an extremely large TTRPG community for interacting, meeting folks, and figuring out all the circles. Get to know people before you start pitching your show to anyone and everyone. Once you get to launch, people are already familiar with you and ready to give you a listen. It’s easy to hop on social media and just shout about your product into the void and hope someone listens, but it’s been shown time and time again that the best way to grow on Twitter, especially, is to make genuine connections with others in the space. Respond to questions. Engage others with questions or information that are TTRPG relevant but not a marketing pitch.

It’s better for channel growth to have a community of five than an audience of 25, because those five will do a lot of outreach on your behalf. This isn’t some multilevel marketing sorcery; it’s just natural human behavior to want to share the things you enjoy with the people you care about. This extends to other social media platforms, as well, mainly Twitter for the TTRPG community. #selfpromosaturday, in particular, is a great opportunity to engage with other creators and potentially find opportunities for cross-promotion.

It’s a grind, and anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you something. In order to build an audience who genuinely wants to interact with you, several things work well. First, follow top accts, fun accts – when they tweet, YOU COMMENT. You don’t have a space and need to grow in the wake of others. This is the fastest way. Add value and be kind. Spam will not work, so don’t throw in random hashtags or tag people who really don’t need to be involved. Answer prompts, answer questions, but be genuine about your interaction.

Coming up as a content creator, your networking will expand. It’s vital that you understand 

social decency. No hate, no greed, and don’t be creepy.  You want to be transparent and honest or it will end you. Give more than you take. You’re building your brand, whether you’ve realized it or not, by doing these things. Whether you’ve been successful or not is measured in how well your posts are received, interacted with, shared, enjoyed, not by the follower counts you have. When you’ve started demonstrating that you can add value to the space, people will start wanting to take part in what you have to offer.

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