We’ve reached the time of year where everyone starts shopping for just the right holiday gift for the tabletop gamer in their life. We’ve looked at some of our own experiences with places we’ve ordered from, or recommendations from other gamers we know and trust, and we have some recommendations for you!

TTRPG themed clothes, accessories, and housewares

  1. Gemmed Firefly – www.gemmedfirefly.com Between Luna and Jason, we have tee-shirts, mugs, and even a doormat from this shop! You will NOT be disappointed by the quality! (Use code LUNA15 for 15% off your order!): 
  2. MC Etching – https://www.etsy.com/shop/MCEtching: Luna has a few sand-etched mugs as well as a few stickers from Nix’s studio. The shipping is fast and the work is impeccable!
  3. Works of Whimsy Studios – https://worksofwhimsystudios.com/
  4. The Geeky Seamstress – https://geargaming365.com/shop: You can check out the Tales from the Tavern dice bag while there! The stitching on each creation is straight, even, and holds up very well. The fabrics are unique and bound to bring in lots of compliments!
  5. The Fabled Flame – https://linktr.ee/TheFabledFlame 
  6. Natural One Crafts – https://www.etsy.com/shop/NaturalOneCrafts

Dice and dice accessories

  1. Green Leaf Geek – https://linktr.ee/greenleafgeek
  2. Ice Cream Dice – https://icecreamdice.com/ 
  3. Arcane Spectacles – www.arcanespectacles.com Your home for some of the best TTRPG themed accessories out there – especially if you’re looking for awesome mugs and ornaments! You can even have a custom ornament made with your party’s names on them – what a great gift for your GM! (Use code LUNA10 for 10% off your order!) 
  4. Level Up Dice – https://www.levelupdice.net

General Gaming Supplies

  1. GrassLanders – https://www.etsy.com/shop/GrassLanders Leather Journals and Bags
  2. Subscription system gift – Roll20, DnD Beyond, Inkarnate, etc.
  3. Friendly Local Game Store gift card

Feeding your adventuring party

  1. Critical Hit Cookies – www.criticalhitcookies.com We wrote a review about the delicious goodies available from Critical Hit Cookies (Use code LUNA10 for 10% off your order!) 
  2. Found Familiar Coffee – www.foundfamiliar.com

We received a lot of recommendations on Twitter for places people love to shop, or ideas for gifts they would love. If you’re looking for additional suggestions, check out the Twitter thread here

Have you received an amazing gift, or found an exceptional shop you like to buy from? Tell us in the comments and let us know where we should shop next!

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