Today we’re talking with Russ, who publishes a free D&D zine called d12 Monthly. He also runs a blog that features articles on solo gaming, web enhancements for the zine, and other TTRPG (mostly D&D) type topics.
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Let’s hear from Russ!

Do you prefer GMing or Playing, and why?
GMing by far. I usually play to just have a break from GMing. GMing allows me to have a creative outlet and to world build, which is one of the most satisfying things you can do in TTRPGs.

What is your favorite TV Show(s) or Movie(s)?
I love 70s and 80s TV & movies. The 80s was the modern golden age of movies. You can tell this as most of the movie franchises we have today started in the 80s. Fave TV shows: Rockford Files, Magnum PI, Quincy ME. One modern show I am loving is Bad Batch. Fave Movies: Gremlins 1 & 2, Robocop, Die Hard, Ghostbusters, original Star Wars films.

If you created a TTRPG about anything, what would it be like?
I am creating a TTRPG. It’s still in early development but it will be my version of D&D. I will mainly use it as a set of rules to play solo, but I will also be releasing it publicly.

When you play at a physical table with real dice, do your dice have to match?
Nope. I have a plastic bag full of dice I have picked up over the last 30+ years. I have about 2 matched sets in their somewhere.

Have you ever felt like an outsider in the TTRPG space? Describe if you can.
Only recently. Most people I know play 5e, which I really do not like. I still can’t figure out why they play it over other versions, editions, and hacks.

Anything else you’d like us to know:
I have a line of monster books coming out this year, which will be Kickstarted – join my mailing list on my website to stay updated.

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