It’s Wednesday so it’s time for another interview with a member of the TTRPG community! Today we’ll hear from Donald the Solo Rpg Guy, known for Solo RPG gaming.

You can find Donald in his Facebook group or at his YouTube channel.

Let’s hear what Donald has to share!

What is your favorite TTRPG?

Well, I can’t say I have any one favorite, I like many different ones for different reasons, but if I had to do a top 5 pick, in no particular order: Cypher System, Ironsworn, Symbaroum, Scarlet Heroes, and the obscure game, Powerframe.

What other hobbies are you interested in?

Music Listening, Cooking, Art, (other peoples, not mine, I can’t draw to save my life)!

If you created a TTRPG about anything, what would it be like?

I would take the powerframe core, make it a simple2d6, and include a complete hexcrawl, dungeon crawl, and city crawl adventure creation system, similar to Scarlet Heroes, in a dark fantasy world like Symbaroum or Ironsworn.

If you gave a eulogy for a party you know who was TPK’d, what would you say ?

No eulogy, just a statement, “You knew it was coming!” What do you think is absolutely essential in creating a safe space for all in a TTRPG game? As with anything in life, complete open, honest conversation.

What is something else you’d like us to know about you?

I am a former United States Marine. I eat like a pig, especially pizza and tacos!

Thanks Donald, and thanks for your service!

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