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Tales from the Tavern Interview with Redwyrmling, the 7 Year Old DM

Jason and GamerMomLuna had the opportunity to send Redwyrmling, the 7 Year Old DM, questions and hear some thoughts he had to share on Dungeons and Dragons, TTRPG publishing, and more!

You can read his interview below, and listen to the interview on Anchor, or wherever you get your podcasts (Spotify link below)

You can find Redwyrm and Redwyrmling on X at @redwyrm - where you can find lots more of The 7 Year Old DM's ideas and suggestions for your next TTRPG session!

In Star Wars Episode IV, A New Hope, in the cantina scene on Mos Eisley, people argue about whether Han Solo or Greedo shot first. What if someone else in the cantina shot first (not Han or Greedo), who do you think it would be, and why?
I think Hondo Onaka could have been in the Cantina and shot first. He might be looking out for Obi Wan.

If you could add a seventh ability score to D&D, what would it be called, and what would it represent?
I think that the seventh ability score would be luck which would be if you were a lucky person you would get advantage but if you were unlucky you would not.

In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the wizard Radagast the Brown is only briefly mentioned. What do you think he was doing during Frodo’s journey?
Radagast was probably going to look for a new staff over Middle Earth since he gave his to Gandalf.

Besides standard plastic and resin dice, there are metal dice which can be noisy, and silicon dice, which make no noise at all, but bounce a little. What kind of dice do you like?
My favorite dice are plastic dice that are yellow with black numbers since they are my birthday dice. They are dice from my fourth birthday.

If you could make your own custom dice, what would they look like?
I think that my custom dice would be gold with silver numbers and they would have pictures of dragons engraved in them. Yeah, they would be real gold and they would be very expensive.

If you were creating a new dragon based on a crayon name from Crayola crayons, what would you choose?
I think it would be cool if there was a yellow dragon. Yellow is one of my favorite colors and there isn’t a yellow dragon. It’s breath weapon would be light and they would do radiant damage.

What’s your favorite plothook that you’ve come up with for a D&D game?
I dungeon mastered a game with my friends and all their dads and in that game their town was invaded and they had to go get help in the Hall of Bones.

If you had to describe D&D to a little kid who’d never heard of it, how would you describe it?
If I was going to describe Dungeons & Dragon to a little kid, I would be like the first thing about Dungeons & Dragons is that it is very fun. The second thing is that you can get really rich. The next thing is you are really epic and you can save people and the last thing is you can do whatever you want in your adventure.

As a DM, if you have a difficult player or players at your table, how do you handle that?
If I had a difficult player, it depends on what they are doing. If they are being mean to the other players, they would need to say sorry to the other players. If they were doing other things like hogging treasures, I would have the treasures be cursed and they would have to find out a way to get rid of the curse. And I would also talk to the player and tell them that the other players aren’t having very much fun.

You’ve published on DMs Guild, do you have any advice for designers who want to get started in publishing?
I would get an editor who does not take to long to write books. I would also make things really funny and fun for people to play.

Thank you Redwyrm and Redwyrmling for this interview! You can find the interview we did with Redwyrmling when he was 6 here!

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