Jason and GamerMomLuna had the opportunity to sit down and interview Redwyrmling, the 6 Year Old DM recently, and recorded it for everyone!

See what Redwyrmling had to say about his favorite monster, which dragon would win in a fight, and his advice for all Dungeon Masters!

You can check out the YouTube video here, or if podcast is more your style, check it out on Anchor, or wherever you get your podcasts!


  1. When did you start playing RPGs? What do you remember about your first game? I started playing role-playing games when I was two. I don’t really remember, but one of my first games was Sir Dramm. He was a Paladin Sprite and he destroyed the dragon Kaz-Imir.
  1. When did you start DMing? What was the first monster you ran? When I was four. Zombies and Liches were attacking Mount Vernon and the character, Redcoat, teamed up with George Washington and destroyed the zombies.
  1. What flavor is a gelatinous cube? Like Jell-O but sour.
  1. What’s your favorite NPC name you created? Crickasic the pirate beholder.
  1. Do you create monsters, and if so, what’s your favorite? The Gargon. The Gargon (gargantuan dragon) is a giant dragon the size of half the planet. It is the biggest creature in all of Dungeons & Dragons.
  1. What’s your favorite gross ability you’ve seen on a monster or NPC? My favorite gross ability is a barf breath weapon. The monster is a brown dragon.
  1. What would be stronger, a polka dot dragon or a striped dragon? What would they breathe? Striped. Polka Dot would breathe a poison that made you have warts. And the striped would breathe any color thing that can wrap things up. It shoots these magical lines and they can wrap around things.
  1. What Star Wars character would make the best D&D character? Wrecker from the Bad Batch. And Hunter from the Bad Batch. Wrecker would be a great barbarian and Hunter would be the best ranger. Who would make the best D&D villain? Emperor Palpatine
  1. What’s a piece of advice you’d give to all DMs? Wear a funny hat and make tons of funny voices.
  1. What’s something we didn’t ask you about that you would like to share with us? <Speaks in Draconic> It was the spell Fireball.

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