Are you still doing some holiday shopping for the TTRPG lover in your life? We’ve put together a list of websites and book suggestions to help you find some very cool places to shop! We also have some books listed that we think are great, so give those a look too!

2023 shopping guide

Nix’s House of Glass (MC_Etching): Pendants, runes, sun catchers, wall hangings – all nerdy inspired.

Black Oak Workshop: Thematic dice, dice bags. Home of Kitty Clacks, cat themed polyhedral dice.

Misty Mountain Gaming: Dice (Metal, hollow, resin, silicone and more, that come with a lifetime warranty!), miniatures, leather bags by Poetic Earth, journals by Poetic Earth.

Beadle and Grimms: Dice, journals, jewelry, encounter cards, hats, tees.

Critical Hit Cookies: Delicious cookies shipped to your door, individually wrapped and packaged with care. Use code LUNA10 at checkout for 10% off your order!

Arcane Spectacles: TTRPG themed ornaments and accessories. Use code LUNA10 at checkout for 10% off your order!

Gemmed Firefly: TTRPG, mental health, and LGBTQ+ tees and accessories. Use code LUNA15 at checkout for 10% off your order!

Foam Brain Games: ALL. THE. DICE. Mystery packs, pins, dice trays.

Darkwood Gaming: A couple of woodworkers who have a passion for gaming.

Elderwood Academy: Dice boxes, dice trays, DM screens, and other TTRPG accessories

Fanroll by Metallic Dice Games: Dice, dice, dice. Dice related accessories, nerdy pins.

Fantastic Knickknackery: handmade accessories for on and off the gaming table!

Geekify: Decals, leather maps, leather bound books, jewelry, and cosplay items.

Book Suggestions:

Your Best Game Ever by Monte Cook. A great book for experienced and new players and game masters

Kobolds Guide to… series of books from Kobold Press with tools for game masters.

The Lazy DM Forge of Foes by Teos Abadía, Scott Fitzgerald Gray and Mike Shea. A tool box for creating, adjusting and running monsters in any 5e game system.

The Weird by Monte Cook Games. A huge collection of tables of things, events, effects and more to make your game more interesting. It’ can be used with any game system!

So You Want To Be A Game Master by Justin Alexander. A recent guide for game masters from the brilliant TTRPG mind of Justin Alexander.

The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide , part of the Ultimate RPG series that gives players great advice on character creation.

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