By Jason C. and GamerMomLuna

This year we went to the Pax Unplugged conference in Philadelphia December 1-3 2023. Today we’re giving you our thoughts on the con, so let’s get going!

Overall Impressions

Both: It was fun! This con was bigger than PazU 2023. You could tell even from the lines to get in Friday morning. Sunday’s family day (discount tickets for kids) was more successful, there were more kids this year than last year.: 


Luna: My Tales From the Tavern panel Saturday night was a success. We had about 70 people in the audience at one point.

Tales from the Tavern panel

Jason: I was in the back of the room when the crowd left and overheard a guy ask his friend ”what did you think?”, and his friend responded that it was the best panel he’d been to, and he didn’t know any panelists, so he didn’t know what to expect. 

Jason: I ran Kids on Brooms for the first time at the Alexandria RPG library room. I had a full table (6 players), half new to the game, half had played it, and everyone loved it. Very fun.

Area Notes

Both: This con takes place the week of the downtown tree lighting and the winter festival. It’s a great opportunity to experience the city in between RPG sessions!

The convention took up more of the convention center than in 2022, where they shared space with another smaller con. The additional space actually made it easier to navigate.

Holiday Festival


Both: We met a lot of friends, some we had met, some we only knew online, as well as meeting some content creators.

Luna: Meeting and hanging out with Charles Ryan (C.O.O. of Monte Cook Games) was really cool and fun.

Jason: I ran into Bem Byrne (Ghostfire Games) the host of the Eldritch Lorecast RPG talk show, that was really cool.

Were you at Pax Unplugged? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!