We asked some TTRPG players the following questions:

What Do You Want From a GM?

What’s Something You Like to See From a GM?

Let’s see what we got for answers!

That all-important Player Agency: Knowing what my character’s choices are and then, subsequently, that that choice mattered


As a player, I am pretty open to rolling with the story going on.  However, games are so much more enjoyable, particularly longer campaigns, when they include the characters as active story points, not just meat suits that walk from point A to B.  These characters can have histories, dreams, goals, and lives that have nothing to do with the current storyline, but affect it and make it richer and deeper!
Also, being aware and respectful of players’ boundaries.

Jeremy H. of Wanderer’s Haven

1. Cooperation. Too many times, a GM could be tempted by saying to themselves, “this isn’t the way I wanted this to go. My story, let’s steer it back” when that’s just not the case. Create and live the story together and be engaged by the twists your players might throw in.

2. Something I enjoy seeing from DM’s is Table Awareness. If you notice a player hasn’t been very active in certain scenarios. give them a chance to take some spotlight. If a player is uncomfortable with a certain topic or taboo in your game, don’t use it. Be aware of everything your players and your game give you and adjust accordingly.


Being a fan of the players/characters, adaptable and open to collaboration.

Ben K

If I was interviewing potential GMs, I’d be looking for someone with a firm grasp of the rules but the flexibility to adapt to player unpredictability, someone who views themself as a storyteller, not an adversary for the players, someone who can adjudicate the game properly without it turning into a ‘players vs the game’ competition. Silly voices and accents are optional.

Alex C

Thanks, everyone! Let us know what you like to see from a GM in the comments below!

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