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Today we have another Tales From the Tavern mini interview with Vahid of Dice Legenz!

Dice Legenz is a professional D&D show filmed from a studio in New Zealand. Our cast and crew are all from the television and theatre industries. We strive to have the most exciting, fast-paced, hilarious fantasy story combined with professional production values of set, music, graphic, terrain and miniatures. Vahid – producer of the show and DM. Has played every edition of D&D plus heaps of other TTRPGs. Has worked in the tv world as a music composer, sound engineer, script writer, animation producer, voice actor.

You can find them at:

Twitter: @DiceLegenz
Twitch: @DiceLegenz
YouTube: @DiceLegenz
TikTok: @DiceLegenz
Facebook: @DiceLegenz
Official website:

Now let’s hear from them!

What was the first TTRPG you played?
As a child, a friend made up what he thought was D&D. Shortly thereafter my parents bought D&D basic set. Red box.

What artwork or piece of literature has inspired your TTRPG work?
As a music composer who does orchestral scores, A lot of Beethoven is inspirational. The JRR Tolien(sic) books are obviously an inspiration for the entire fantasy genre. The Prince if Thorns (sic) series has clever use of intercutting. Our show takes inspiration from contemporary film storytelling techniques such as flash-backs and inter-cutting of scenes.

Describe your ideal job or assignment in the TTRPG space
Producing our show.

If your home town was launching a new professional sports team, what D&D monster would you choose as their mascot?

Have you ever felt like an outsider in the TTRPG space? Describe if you can.
No. I am concerned by the rise in polarisation, us-and-them, and cancel culture in broader society and that, unsurprisingly, manifests in the TTRPG space, but I personally feel like I have as much a right to be in the space as anyone else.


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