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Welcome to another Tales From the Tavern mini interview. Today we hear from Adrian Berk:

 I’m an English professor for a local college, mainly focused with a program that offers college courses to local High Schools. Alongside some 20+ years in teaching, I have been in the TTRPG hobby for 40+ years, both in Tabletop games and LARP. Most of that time has been as a GM, running both existing systems and ones of my own brewing.

You can find him at

Now let’s hear from Adrian!

What attracted you to TTRPGs?
A abiding love of monsters and myths from an early age.

What is your favorite video game or board game?
Video Game: Torment
Board Game: Talisman

What advice do you give to players looking to try TTRPGs?
Welcome. We have our best fun when we have fun together. Be honest with what you enjoy and what you dislike, what make you want to play and what makes you uncomfortable. Most importantly, it’s nowhere near as hard to join in as you may think. In the end, it is play.

If you created a weird undead creature, what would it be?
I had a faction of time traveling undead call “The Uncreated” who were made up of beings who had been erased from the timeline by the actions of other time travelers.

What do you think is absolutely essential in creating a safe space for all in a TTRPG game?
Open lines of communication. Respect for everyone’s time and autonomy. Knowing when to speak up and when to just listen.


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