In today’s Tales From the Tavern interview we talk with Bowtie, who came back to TTRPGs after a 30 year absence! Let’s hear from him…
Stuff You Do:
I don’t game very much, and just got back into it about 2 years ago after not playing for about 30 years. I spent a couple of decades playing competitive volleyball, but age has its consequences 🙂 and now stick to golfing, cycling, and relaxing.

What Game System have you not played that you really want to try?
Having just gotten back into gaming, I’ve only been playing D&D. Have played a little bit of Cypher. Open to new experiences.

What is your favorite book(s)?
When I was younger and reading fantasy books, anything David Eddings I loved. I then became a Tom Clancy fan, which segued into Vince Flynn.

What is one thing you think defines a (nearly) perfect TTRPG session?
Leaving a session feeling satisfied. Nothing is worse than spending hours and not accomplishing anything.

What childhood cartoon would you like to play as a TTRPG?
Spiderman (was my favorite comic book growing up)

What do you think is absolutely essential in creating a safe space for all in a TTRPG game?
Understanding that not everyone plays like you do, and not being expected to play like everyone else. People need to develop their gaming persona without pressure to be something they are not comfortable with.

Thanks, Bowtie!

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