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Tales From the Tavern - LIVE!

At PaxEast 2024 (March 21 - 24), Shadomain writer and editor GamerMomLuna hosted a live version of her TTRPG show Tales From the Tavern. The show streams monthly the first Sunday of each month from 8pm-10pm (ET) on Twitch, and later available on YouTube and as a podcast. Tales From the Tavern features 5 guests each month from all areas of the ttrpg community, and they all answer questions taken from the chat stream.

For the live version (it's also been a panel at Pax Unplugged 2023 and PaxEast 2023), the audience writes questions on index cards while they're queuing up to get into the room, and GamerMomLuna picks questions and reads them live. Because the live version is only an hour long, each question is targeted at only 2 panelists, chosen at random.

Check it out in the link above, or find the podcast in your favorite catcher as Tales From the Tavern - LIVE at PAX East.
Let us know what you think in the comments, or reach out to GamerMomLuna directly!