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Tales From the Tavern Interview With Tal Woodblaze

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Today we talk with Tal Woodblaze, a TTRPG creator at The Gamers Rest. You can find him at:

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Let's hear from Tal!

How did you get started in TTRPGs?

Wow, it was a long time ago but in secondary school, a really good friend of mine gave me a book called Dragons of Autumn Twilight and I was hooked. That led to board games like Hero Quest and Space Crusade before I finally picked up my first TTRPG module Dragonlance and I've never looked back. There is something quite special about opening your first module and seeing the maps, beautiful art, and worlds brought to life ready for you to dive into and make your own.

What made you decide to publish your own TTRPG titles?

Oh, good question. So it’s a bit deep this one but I feel it’s important to share. I suffered a breakdown a few years ago, causing me to quit my job due to anxiety and depression. It was pretty tough, but I decided to reach out and try to find a TTRPG group that I could dip my toe into and join. I was lucky to find amazing people who accepted me as I am and gave me the support to play games at my own pace. I found some solace in first playing games and then tentatively offering to run a homebrew game for them. My friends enjoying my creation made me consider trying to publish something myself. So I sat down and wrote my first supplement 101 Useful (ish) Magical Items 5e now a silver best seller and everything took off from there.

How did you get started in Actual Play RPG shows?

Playing online with friends for a couple of years, I saw amazing AP shows like Dimension 20 and the Adventure Zone. It was the first time I had seen D&D games come to the forefront and achieve genuine success. So it seemed like a natural progression. I'd already created material and considered this platform to showcase my work, but the idea of being on camera and exposing my work to a larger audience was daunting. I’m still battling anxiety and depression, so taking that leap was a step too far. Then the wonderful Lion from Tales from the Table studios said they were looking for players to join a series of charity one-shots and so I applied. I was fortunate to participate in two games, Monster of the Week and Shibuyan Knights, created by Moe Popular. I had a blast and wanted to continue playing.

What’s your favorite moment from an AP you’ve played in?

So many to choose from because I’ve been lucky enough to play with some amazing people who let me try the stupidest things. It always makes me laugh when I think about the time one of our players couldn't make a session and we agreed to take of his character. It ended with us loading him into a pirate ship’s catapult firing him at the captain and scoring a critical hit, killing him outright. 

What’s your favorite TTRPG?

Not sure I have a specific favorite (and I won’t say my own) but I prefer rules-light games that allow you to embrace roleplaying and create amazing moments. I love Monster of the Week because it can just go off in so many avenues and who doesn’t love a bit of supernatural shenanigans? The game I'd love to play, but haven't had the chance to yet, is the quiet year. It's different because it involves not only roleplay but also world-building. I'd love to bring together a group of creators and see what we can come up with.

What’s your favorite video game?

So I’m probably going to go against the grain, but it’s not Baldur’s Gate 3. At the moment, I love Aliens Dark Descent. It’s the first game I’ve played in a while that has had me properly transfixed and just played with my emotions, fear, joy, and despair. You just get so immersed in wanting your marines to come back alive. 

I also love games like The Wolf Within, Heavy Rain, and the brilliant Until Dawn. I guess it’s no surprise that I love character-driven games where you feel like your choices matter.

What other hobbies do you participate in?

I have two Cairn Terriers whom I love dearly, so we often go out on long walks. However, I spend most of my time scribbling down ideas and asking myself the question, "What if I did this?" This doesn’t leave me with much time for other hobbies.

What else would you like to talk about that we haven’t asked you yet?

I guess a bit of self-promotion never hurts. At my Kofi site, you can purchase my TTRPG material and subscribe to a monthly membership where I’ve just launched a new series called Twisted Tellings. Here we take a classic Grimm Tale give it a dark twist and add some 5e stats so that you can use it in your games.

I also have a YouTube channel where I play games badly and you can catch me Thursday nights at 7 pm est playing Baldur’s Gate 3 with three other incredible creators. Which you can also catch on my YouTube channel. 

I’m currently looking for more AP one-shot to get involved with this year. I want to try as many new and different games as possible. I think it’s important to get as much different exposure as possible to help you grow as a creator. 

Maybe finally a couple of bits of advice. It's scary to put yourself out there, trust me. You'll fall flat on your face sometimes, but no one can tell your story better than you. Oh, and make sure you support those creators you love. Even a few kind words make all the difference.

Thanks, Tal!

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