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Although RPG Tabletop Games are usually designed to be played by a group, there are reasons you might want to play these games solo. We consulted noted expert, Donald The Solo RPG Guy to see what he had to say about the topic. You can find his YouTube channel here:

And his Facebook group here:

Here are 7 reasons that Donald gave us for playing TTRPGs solo:

  1. No group.
    Whether you work a lot of hours, have no local gaming store, you’re socially awkward, or for whatever reason, you cannot find a group, you can still play tabletop RPG’s.
  2. You can try different games, any game, any genre.
    Your group only wants to play game “A”, (whatever that may be), but you are interested in playing a different ruleset.  For example most groups mostly want to play the world’s most popular TTRPG, which I have played for over 30 years, however over the last 10 years, I have had the opportunity to play over 30 different RPGs. This also opens your mind to different ideas that may not be expressed very well in the game your group is playing. It also helps you learn the rules of whatever game your group is playing, helping smooth gameplay at the table.
  3. You’re the DM, but not sure if the encounter is too easy or too hard.
    As a solo gamer you can test drive your creation and see if it needs any tweaking.
  4. You can play on your schedule.
    Whether you have a spare 5 minutes or a whole day, you can sit down and play a simple encounter or an entire session. You also aren’t pressured to make a decision. You can step away from the game and spend time thinking of a solution, and play at your own pace.
  5. You like creating stories/ world building.
    Whether you just like writing stories for publication or just for fun, the tools for solo gaming help you create your own stories, and are also very helpful in creating your own gaming world.
  6. Play whatever you want.
    Want to play a dragon, or a psionic ninja halfling lich, but the DM won’t let you, now you can. No one can stop you.
  7. Your own rules.
    If you don’t like a rule and want to test out a house rule, you can.There is only one rule that matters, and it is my motto:
    “If you are having fun, you are playing it right!”

Thanks Donald, that’s some great information. Let us know in the comments below what your experiences are, or contact Donald at his links above!

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