Tomorrow (June 4, 2024) we launch a new Kickstarter for The Light Fantastic, a collection of casual, fun short adventures for Monte Cook Games’ Cypher System. All the adventures come with maps and pre-generated characters.

Why the Cypher System?

This collection spans different genres and requires a flexible game system. The Cypher System is exactly that, its’ modular design lets you mold the system to the needs of the game.

It Came From the 50s

It Came From the 50s promo graphic

It Came From the 50s is an ALL NEW Cypher adventure. A gang of rock ‘n’ roll teens battles a rival gang who just moved into town. The rumble is scheduled for the big dance at the teen center. And there’s something odd going on around town as everyone’s talking about flying saucers and little green men from outer space!


Hint promo graphic

Hint is based on classic murder mystery board games which you can role play using the Cypher System. Each player chooses a character from those provided. One character will be chosen at random as the murderer. It could be a player character or an NPC. It could be you! No one will know until the mystery is solved. This version is a complete overhaul of the mystery system used in the first edition of Hint (released in December 2021), allowing for more roleplaying opportunities, more challenges and ALL NEW cyphers like The Mystic 9 Ball –  a toy artifact that gives clues, the Cubik’s cube, Teddy Tuxpin and many Baby Beaners.

Three Hour Tour to the Island of the Lost

Three Hour Tour to the Island of the Lost promo graphic

When six passengers (a sailor, a ship’s captain, a millionaire, a movie star, a teacher and a farm girl) on a small sight-seeing boat get marooned on an island of lost dinosaurs and lizard people they must use all of their wits and skills to survive and escape! This ain’t your parents’ sitcom…
ALL NEW in this extended edition (first edition released in April 2022): A spaceship crashes on the island, letting Zork from Pork, Alp, a space robot who was lost in space and tons of fluffy Dribbles loose on the island.


Slayride! promo graphic

Fantasy adventure through the worlds of classic holiday specials! On Christmas Eve Santa Claus is out delivering toys when he is attacked by the evil Jack Frost and sent through a portal to a fantastic world of magic and monsters. Only your heroes can help him find another portal so he can return to Earth in time to finish his delivery rounds!

ALL NEW in this extended edition (first edition released in December 2022): explore the island of misfit toys with allies like Hermie the dentist and avoid Eon the Terrible giant vulture!

You can get all of this by backing the Kickstarter, check it out here!

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