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Today we talk with Nick Perron, from the Tabletopped TTRPG podcast. You can also find them on Twitter, Instagram and Patreon. Let’s hear from Nick!

How did you get started in ttrpgs?

When I was in highschool, I was an avid listener and reader of Penny Arcade and got into the Acquisitions Incorporated actual play when it first started out with 4th edition of D&D. I was so hooked and tried to play with some friends, but back then D&D had a reputation and no one wanted to invest in a campaign, so I resigned myself to just listening. 10 years later I met Rio when we were working at a museum and he invited me to join a 5e game he was starting and I’ve been playing ttrpgs ever since. 

What made you decide to get involved in podcasting?

I love podcasts. I listen to FAR too many of them. As an actor, one of the worst things is that it is very hard to practice and make art without other actors and artists, but with podcasting I was able to just try things out and make things. When the pandemic happened I took a class on how to actually edit and structure podcasts and found I really liked the medium. After a couple of false starts and test pods, I decided I wanted to make one for an audience.

Did you have a background in performing before starting your podcast?

Yes! I am a trained actor and performer that has worked in both theatre and film. 

Can you describe the Tabletopped podcast for our readers? Who are the others on the team?

Tabletopped came from me wanting to really dive into running and making ttrpgs and “talk shop.” I remember coming back from a game trip to a cabin where we played TTRPGs for like 3 days. I remember thinking “I STILL want to talk about games with people” and this was the way I conned my friends into doing that with me. When I was younger and no one around me cared about TTRPGs and the medium it can be for telling stories. During that time I wished I had a podcast like Tabletopped so I could be a part of a conversation around how to be an amazing GM and talk about the hobby. So hopefully people like it and it gives them a place to nerd out.

Do you prefer being a GM or being a player, and why?

I really like both, but maybe GMing these days. I really like setting something up and watching people run around the world. It is also a BLAST to take weird things that happen or that your friends say in game and make it into something that the group will talk about weeks later. Very rewarding.

What is your current favorite ttrpg?

People who know the show will sigh at my answer but it is STILL “Monster of the Week” by Michael Sands. It’s the GOAT in my book. Easy to learn, easy to play, and is super flexible so you can make anything you want within it.

What ttrpg would you like to play, but haven’t had the chance to try yet?

“Never Going Home” by Wet Ink Games. I love the vibe, the art, and I can’t wait to dive in. First I have to find people who will let me run it for them.

What creation (show, writing, song, anything really) are you most proud of?

I think my best achievement (and worst curse) is a campaign I ran for a year called “Welcome to Lakewood.” It was a spooky, Twin Peaks meets Gravity Falls, Monster of the Week game and I had an absolute ball. The story came together amazingly, the characters were so fun, and I even got a player to happy cry. It was a special game during a special moment in time and it probably will never happen again. It is what I measure all my other ttrpg experiences against and in that way, it is a curse.

Non-game wise, I think my favorite creative project is a theatre production I was in called X. This was before the pandemic in 2019. That show was rad.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to get into podcasting?

Do like 5 practice episodes before you release anything. Just to practice editing and recording. You’ll find stuff that is super frustrating or bits that make you hate your life, and then you will research and overcome the issues. Everyone goes through it, but it’s best to not be doing that with a deadline hanging over your head.

Tabletopped Podcast logo

Tabletopped is such a fun show and I want to make it even better! We are hammering down some episode formats that will become more regular. One that I can tease is that we are going to be doing regular system reviews of indie ttrpgs. Otherwise we will still be doing our roundtable talks, interviews, and stuff you know and love. Oh! We are also doing an extra show a month and dropping a lot of cool extra content for paid and free members of our patreon so check that out too!

As for stuff coming out soon? We are going to be doing an episode on the OSR, how to run roadtrip games, how to break player typecasts, and some other special stuff coming out soon!

Thanks, Nick!

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