By Jason Campbell

Kobold Press has a kickstarter going on right now for a new ttrpg book, Campaign Builder: Dungeons and Ruins. This is the latest book in their series of 5e based campaign builder series. 

Note: Kobold Press provided a free 12 page preview PDF to for review. 

This Kickstarter will end on Wed., May 15. The book focuses on adventures in underground caverns and dungeons, classic settings. The book can be used with any 5e fantasy ttrpg games such as Kobold Press’s upcoming Tales of the Valiant and Dungeons & Dragons

The book begins with new options for 5e based player characters including a new subclass for each of the classic 5e character set, not including the paladin and sorcerer, but including the Tales of the Valiant class the mechanic. It goes on to detail 5 new backgrounds, and then many valuable pieces of equipment and magic items. There’s some additional descriptions of new spells for use while spelunking.

dungeons image

The book then steers towards the game master, including advice for dungeon delving and hex crawls. The following sections address mapping underground and designing underground quests. There’s also details on traps, creating quests and a section on skill challenges. 

Have you supported the Dungeons and Ruins kickstarter? What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.