Welcome to another Tales From the Tavern mini-interview! Today we talk to Jason Blevins (He/Him). Let’s hear from Jason!
Stuff You Do: I’m a co-founder and DM at Heroes and Hooligans. H&H is a TTRPG community which streams campaigns, short shots, one shots, play tests and talk shows on YouTube, twitch and twitter.
Social Mediahttps://discord.gg/MDxnP8je

What attracted you to TTRPGs?
I’ve played since middle school with friends. The collaborative storytelling, performance, probabilities and tactics all scratch various itches in me.

What artwork or piece of literature has inspired your TTRPG work?
I’m a lifelong reader. My first favorite author was Margaret Weis who I was able to interview this year for H&H website. I draw from history, economics, Literature, historical fiction as inspiration for my campaign world building.

What is one thing you think defines a (nearly) perfect TTRPG session?
High stakes tension broken by comedy timing and epic moments or heroism.

What celebrity would you like to GM or play an RPG with?
Jack Black

Have you ever felt like an outsider in the TTRPG space? Describe if you can.
Absolutely. As someone who has played since first edition I’ve seen the trends and evolutions over the years. Specifically I recall when 3.5ed tried to emulate the tactics of MMORPGs I loved MMORPGs but they certainly scratch a different itch than the open world theater of the mind of DND.

Anything else you’d like us to know:
I am a firm believer in “the glory is in the story” I love how each DM breathes a different tone, pace and structure into their worlds and I believe that when we are players we must invest and immerse ourselves into the world the DM creates and then try for a few hours a week to find that sliver of who we are that can best help deliver on the vision of the party and DM.

Thanks, Jason!

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