Note: Chris Korczak, Bookseller did not provide any of the products mentioned or any other compensation to in exchange for this review.

The Random RPG Book Club is a subscription service from  Chris Korczak, Bookseller. It’s an interesting subscription where you get a random used TRPG book or two regularly. Each delivery costs $17.49 and you can choose to receive deliveries weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

I subscribed in January 2023 and have received three deliveries so far. The first book I received was Shadowrun – State of the Art: 2064. This is a sourcebook expanding the world of Shadowrun first published in 2004.

The second delivery included The Pathfinder (second edition) adventure Broken Tusk Moon, the first of three adventure paths released in January 2022, and also the Shadowrun Street Samurai Catalog, a weapon and equipment book released in 1989. The third delivery included Shadowrun Emergence, an adventure published in 2007 and the Dragonstar Guide to the Galaxy hardcover, a sourcebook for the d20 system published in 2001.

The subscription service is fun for those interested in different TTRPGs. Obviously if you’re focused on a couple of current TTRPGs this is likely not the service for you, and if you find the service isn’t helpful for you, it’s easy to cancel. It has two benefits. Most importantly you get a surprise in the mail once a month. If you like variety it’s always interesting not knowing what you’ll get. You can also find value in some of these books even if you don’t play the systems they were designed for. I could see if I run any sci-fi game I could use ideas from the Guide to the Galaxy and maybe some equipment from the Street Samurai catalog. The company also offers an Old School RPG Magazine Subscription, two for $14.89, and the Random Sci-fi or Fantasy Book Subscription for $12.89. 

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