As a gift to the TTRPG community, here’s a downloadable one page adventure, for use with the Cypher System, Fate or Call of Cthulhu. (If you have suggestions for other independent games to support, let us know.)
This is offered free to the community, but if you’d like to help independent creators we suggest a donation to Creative Commons, which maintains licenses vital to independent creators.

The town of Restovuss rests in the shadow of the mountain of Hazzborough. Years ago the mighty dragon Ojeeyell appeared from the caves of Mount Hazzborough and threatened the town. The town elders came together and made a pact with the dragon to ensure peace, while the dragon promised his protection. The dragon received enough to eat and the town prospered. The pact ensure the success of both entities. 

For a year the town heard nothing from the dragon Ojeeyell until a new dragon emerged, far larger than Ojeeyell, announcing himself as the new OjeeyellPlusOne. The dragon claimed to be a replacement for Ojeeyell and he denied the first pact existed. He instead demanded tribute of a large amount of the town’s goods. 

Do your heroes have the strength and fortitude to deal with OjeeyellPlusOne? Will they survive with guile, social skills or will it come down to combat?

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