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Today we talk with FennecFables, a ttrpg YouTuber and influencer. You can find them at


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How did you get started in ttrpgs?

I actually got started ages ago around the age of 18. I had heard about ttrpgs from folks and I was really curious about trying them out. Ended up going to the nearest shop, which was about an hour’s drive from me at the time in ohio. Walked into the shop, talked with the owner for a bit, they introduced me to a few folks in the store and I got to try out my very first game which was Mage: the awakening. Still holds a special place in my heart.

What’s your current favorite ttrpg?

Oh that’s a tough one. I’m currently playing in a Pokemon Tabletop United game that’s been quite a bit of fun. Wasn’t expecting it to have the tone it has but I’ve come into my stride with it. I’ve got a few new books in recently though so not sure how long that one will reign.

FennecFables Video Snapshot

You started the YouTube channel Fennec Fables. What made you want to start a YouTube channel, and could you describe your channel for our readers? 

Quite Honestly it happened after my birthday last year. I had been thinking about all the things I’ve wanted to do in my life and that I’ve been putting off. For years i had been telling myself that it would be fun to get out there and try to make something i would enjoy in the space and so i said “ehh fuck it” and took the steps. It’s been a learning process each step of the way but I’ve been enjoying every minute.

As for what the channel is, I’d equate it to a chill conversation at a bar with someone about various ttrpg topics and ideas. I try to keep my energy level on the mellow side but I can get quite animated about particular subjects I like.

Usually the videos will involve me discussing an idea or subject I feel may be fun for people to delve into for their own world building or to include as options in play. Some of my past videos discussed implementing the weather more, varying up rewards and how one might handle pets and summons. I’ve also expanded a bit to interviews and collabs with folks that have more expertise in a subject like map making and emblems.

Your video content varies, including interviews, advice and campaign stories. Do you have a favorite subject category for your videos?

Honestly my favorite topics to delve into are world building prompts and game suggestions. I’m one of those game masters and players that likes to get into the little bits of lore and interesting backgrounds to the world so suggestions I can raise or have folks ponder is rather exciting.

You do a lot of community engagement with prompts and queries on social media. How important do you think this type of engagement is for creators?

I think it’s very important both because the algorithm requires regular sacrifices but also so that I can see what kinds of things people are interested in and may need some suggestions or guidance on. Plus not gonna lie it is quite fun to see the interesting avenues people can take with them.

Is there a type of project you haven’t got to work on yet that you’d really love to do?

I know it’s a bit trite but someday it would be rather cool to play at a table for a recorded game. I don’t watch many actual plays but it would be neat to play with other cool folks working in ttrpgs and to learn from them.

What advice do you have for creators thinking about starting a video channel?

Try and have a vision of what you’d like to be but be flexible to a degree. Don’t ever abandon your morals or goal but see what sort of things are working and what doesn’t. If you can make sure you have all your socials and such ready when you are launching as it makes it so much easier to get yourself out there. I’d also say from my personal experience don’t stare at the numbers too much. We all love seeing the follower and view count go up but at the end of the day it’s about being happy about what you made and enjoying it.

You’ve discussed some ttrpg “horror stories” in your videos. Do you have a favorite or infamous story?

Oh jeeze yeah i do. All the stories I share are my own experiences from either side of the game master’s screen. There are quite a few channels that read from r/rpghorrorstory so i figure this is my own personal touch. I think my most infamous one is the story of the only game I’ve ever had to nearly physically remove a player Titled “Field Of Red Flags” about a “that guy” player that had so many warning signs that I tried to ignore wanting to be a hospitable game master. I ended up being a bit petty in that game after he left which I won’t say I’m proud of but I did think it was cathartic for the players so I hope folks check it out and share their own experiences.

What else would you like to discuss that we haven’t asked you about?

Honestly the only thing I’d have left to bring up is to encourage folks to try out different systems, different ways of playing and to see what sparks that passion in them. It’s good to have favorites but you never know what new thing will Drive you to want to Tell Better Tails 

Thanks so much for letting me share this with yall and hope folks explore the channel and maybe subscribe 


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